Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Wombania Comics

The Wombania comic strip is now online. A new strip twice a week.

Club Wombania

Club Wombania needs new members. It's free. Must be willing to have fun!

Wine Gums

The greatest candy ever created, the incredible edible Wine Gum.

Home of the Wombies

The Wombania cartoon is now available online. New strips will be posted twice a week. Keep up with all the Wombie fun here.

Wombania is a comic strip about an ordinary guy raising a mixed family of genetically-engineered Wombies. Wombies are playful, inquisitive, and slightly mischievous, and they live on Spam®, Wine Gums, and chocolate. You can find out more about them here.

Other areas of Wombania include the Wine Gum page (the world's best treat), the Wombat Book section where you can find reviews of books about wombats, and the Cartoon Corner with essays and reviews of popular comic strip books.

The seventeenth annual Wombat Day will be on Saturday, October 22, 2022. You can help celebrate the wombat by baking a Wombat Cake, or Wombat Brownies, or by making some Wombat Fudge.

All the Wombies' videos are available on YouTube. The latest is below:

Wombania is a family-friendly site designed for kids and Wombies of all ages. No Wombie has been injured in the making of this website. A few brain cells did, however, give up their lives.

The Wombat Zone Shop: Where the wild wombat things are.

Wombie characters & all of Wombania, including the Wombania comic strip, are copyright © 1999 Peter Marinacci. All Rights Reserved. Wombania is a trademark of Peter Marinacci.

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